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Tracing our roots from Norway to America

Rendalen, Hedmark, Norway


County/Shire : Latitude: 61.8879250, Longitude: 11.0782350


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Akre, Berit Sæmingsdatter  1801Rendalen, Hedmark, Norway I241
2 Akre, Berte Olsdatter  1865Rendalen, Hedmark, Norway I217
3 Akre, Edvard Olsen  1865Rendalen, Hedmark, Norway I218
4 Akre, Jacob Olsen  1865Rendalen, Hedmark, Norway I219
5 Akre, Johan Gurenus Sevatsen  1865Rendalen, Hedmark, Norway I328
6 Akre, Kari Sæmingsdatter  1801Rendalen, Hedmark, Norway I239
7 Akre, Mallene Sevatsdatter  1865Rendalen, Hedmark, Norway I209
8 Akre, Mallene Sevatsdatter  1875Rendalen, Hedmark, Norway I209
9 Akre, Marit Sæmingsdatter  1801Rendalen, Hedmark, Norway I58
10 Akre, Martin Olsen  1865Rendalen, Hedmark, Norway I222
11 Akre, Ole Eriksen  1865Rendalen, Hedmark, Norway I216
12 Akre, Ole Olsen  1865Rendalen, Hedmark, Norway I221
13 Akre, Ragnhild Sevatsdatter  1865Rendalen, Hedmark, Norway I329
14 Akre, Sevat Sæmingsen  1801Rendalen, Hedmark, Norway I242
15 Akre, Sevat Sæmingsen  1865Rendalen, Hedmark, Norway I242
16 Akre, Sæming Sevatsen  1801Rendalen, Hedmark, Norway I128
17 Broen, Marit Eriksdatter  1865Rendalen, Hedmark, Norway I145
18 Broen, Marit Eriksdatter  1875Rendalen, Hedmark, Norway I145
19 Fonnaas, Kari Jensdatter  1801Rendalen, Hedmark, Norway I131
20 Grindflekk, Ola Pedersen  1801Rendalen, Hedmark, Norway I130
21 Hangaard, Anne Olsdatter  1801Rendalen, Hedmark, Norway I252
22 Hangaard, Berit Olsdatter  1801Rendalen, Hedmark, Norway I250
23 Hangaard, Gjertrud Gundersdatter  1801Rendalen, Hedmark, Norway I133
24 Hangaard, Gunder Olsen  1801Rendalen, Hedmark, Norway I251
25 Hangaard, Haagen Olsen  1801Rendalen, Hedmark, Norway I253
26 Hangaard, Ola Haagensen  1801Rendalen, Hedmark, Norway I132
27 Hangaard, Ola Olsen  1801Rendalen, Hedmark, Norway I254
28 Hangaard, Ouden Olsen  1801Rendalen, Hedmark, Norway I255
29 Haugset, Ingeborg Olsdatter  1801Rendalen, Hedmark, Norway I256
30 Haugset, Jens Olsen  1801Rendalen, Hedmark, Norway I259
31 Haugset, Kari Olsdatter  1801Rendalen, Hedmark, Norway I257
32 Haugset, Ole Pedersen  1865Rendalen, Hedmark, Norway I64
33 Haugset, Ole Pedersen  1875Rendalen, Hedmark, Norway I64
34 Haugset, Peder Olsen  1801Rendalen, Hedmark, Norway I59
35 Haugset, Sigrid Olsdatter  1801Rendalen, Hedmark, Norway I258
36 Hornset, Gunhild Christina Hermanna Marianna Tollefsdatter  1801Rendalen, Hedmark, Norway I56
37 Hornset, Johanne Tollefsdatter  1900Rendalen, Hedmark, Norway I303
38 Hornset, Tomine Tollefsdatter  1875Rendalen, Hedmark, Norway I306
39 Kvernmoen, Kristine Embretsdatter  1865Rendalen, Hedmark, Norway I276
40 Kværnes, Ragnhild Andersdatter  1865Rendalen, Hedmark, Norway I323
41 Lomnes, Gjertrud Pedersdatter  1801Rendalen, Hedmark, Norway I73
42 Lomnes, Gurine Olava Olsdatter  1865Rendalen, Hedmark, Norway I215
43 Lomnes, Gurine Olava Olsdatter  1875Rendalen, Hedmark, Norway I215
44 Lomnes, Martin Olsen  1865Rendalen, Hedmark, Norway I213
45 Lomnes, Ole Pedersen  1865Rendalen, Hedmark, Norway I76
46 Lomnes, Ole Pedersen  1875Rendalen, Hedmark, Norway I76
47 Lomnes, Ole Rikard Olsen  1865Rendalen, Hedmark, Norway I212
48 Lomnes, Ole Rikard Olsen  1875Rendalen, Hedmark, Norway I212
49 Lomnes, Peder Pedersen  1801Rendalen, Hedmark, Norway I72
50 Lomnes, Peder Pedersen  1801Rendalen, Hedmark, Norway I55

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